DJ Cotton Candy

Sounds like candy.

Donna is DJ Cotton Candy.

I play a super fun, high energy eclectic mix for parties, photoshoots, special and private events.

Donna has been music obsessed since the first day that MTV was available on her cable listings in her hometown of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Her parents and her big brothers (8 and 10 years older) had a pretty great vinyl collection with everything from Santana to Van Halen to XTC. Her brother Tony, a.k.a. Cricket, was a DJ at the local college radio station; and Tommy played drums, and then bass, in ‘The Sighs’—who signed to a major label and recorded three albums. As a dancer taking class since the age of 3, Donna gravitated towards hip hop and then electronic music and the parties where people danced all night into the morning.

Always wanting to create, Donna was making mixtapes galore and the obvious next step was to learn to DJ. Encouraged by a great community of artists and friends in Seattle, Washington, she put the needle on the record and never looked back. Now living in Portland, Oregon, where the music scene is legendary, she is still committed to finding music that inspires her every day and sharing that with as many people as possible.